Founders Fighting Burnout
A Five-Day Recovery Guide

Success doesn't require founders to burnout – there's a healthier, more balanced path to sustained personal and business growth.

Develop Emotional Intelligence (EQ) skills to help you overcome burnout, gain clarity, and make better decisions ➜ It's good for you and great for your business.

Hi, I'm Manuel πŸ‘‹Look, I've been there. I used to subscribe to the "hustle culture" mentality (I even got a tattoo glorifying my hard-work ethic.)But after founding two startups–burning out and finding my way back–I've discovered that you can build a resilient and energized life for yourself, and have a healthy work-life balance without having to 'outwork them.'Now, I'm sharing what I learned, and want to help you do the same.

This 5-day email course will cover the fundamentals of building your emotional intelligence (EQ) through:

➜ Day 1 - Awareness: Unveil the causes and symptoms of burnout.➜ Day 2 - Self-Love: Prioritize your well-being; your business thrives when you do.➜ Day 3 - Acceptance: Embrace your circumstances and your feelings towards them.➜ Day 4 - Gratitude: Cultivate a positive mindset with gratitude practices.➜ Day 5 - Joy: Rediscover what makes life truly worth living.

Each day includes hands-on activities, and practical strategies, that you can implement immediately to take steps out of burnout.This course isn't just about recovery tactics but about the broader story you tell yourself every day and how reframing your perspective on what "success" means to you can create lasting success and fulfillment.

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1:1 Sessions
Founders Fighting Burnout

Designed exclusively for people who completed the "Founders Fighting Burnout" email course.

Founders: You are not alone

Over five days, we'll engage in one-on-one video sessions, where I'll personally guide you to understand and apply the principles of emotional intelligence I developed to help you combat burnout and improve your well-being and business performance.

Your Personalized Path to Renewal

➜ Day 1 (Awareness) – Together, we'll explore the roots of burnout, identifying its signs and triggers in your life.➜ Day 2 (Self-Love) – I'll help you see the critical role self-care plays in your success, teaching practices to nurture your well-being.➜ Day 3 (Acceptance) – We'll work on accepting your realities, using them as a foundation for growth rather than sources of stress.➜ Day 4 (Gratitude) – I'll guide you in cultivating a mindset of gratitude, transforming how you view challenges and successes.➜ Day 5 (Joy) – Rediscover the joy in your entrepreneurial journey and learn how to sustain it beyond our sessions.

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What can you expect

Direct Support from Manuel Saez:
You won't be navigating this path alone. I'll be with you at every step, offering insights from my own experiences and tailored advice to guide you through.
Practical, Impactful Learning:
This course goes beyond theoretical knowledge, focusing on practical exercises and strategies that will have immediate benefits in your personal and professional life.
Accountability Partner:
I will be with you to guide you through the challenges and be your accountability partner in your journey to success.

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This personalized, 5-session guided experience is available for a short time at $1499, a significant discount from the standard price of $2500.It's an investment in your futureβ€”a future where you lead with resilience, clarity, and joy.Secure your spot now and start the transformative journey to beat burnout.Sending you good vibes, 🌻Manuel

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